The Sound of Flowers

Children Roll-On


To calm restless  and nervous children.


The Children roll-on will help to bring calm to agitated, nervous, capricious, sulky children.

Bach flowers that help calm restless children :

Star of Bethlehem: calms the shocks, helps the consolation of children who have sorrows and sorrows.

Willow: calm whimpering, whining, sulking.

Holly: helping appease children angry, angry.

Impatiens: promotes the return to calm of the nervous children.

Vervain: helps the tranquility of excessive children, too excited.


Reassuring and cheerful essential oils :


Orange: relaxes tensions and promotes good mood.


A roll-on with Bach flowers & essential oils to naturally relieve the daily state of mind. Practically, it slips into the pocket or the purse to carry it everywhere and never separate from it.

Indication for use:

Apply to pressure points on the body, such as the temples, behind the ears,  bottoms of the feet, insides of the wrist. Avoid contour lips and eyes contour.

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