Stephanie plays many roles in life. She is an entrepreneur, a certified sound therapist and, most importantly, she is a mother of two.

In 2015, she co-founded PurelyB, which is now a renowned wellness brand in Asia. As her business and her babies grow side by side, she started to realise the importance of maintaining one’s physical, mental and emotional health.  
Stephanie’s health philosophy is simple – for our mind, body and soul to be in harmony and peace, we must first nourish the mind. 

Stephanie’s compassionate and empathetic nature, combined with her warm, motherly aura have made it so easy and comfortable for people around her to open up and to share their problems. Therefore, when a naturologist friend introduced Stephanie to Bach flower remedies, she instantly knew that there is a need to bring this back to her home country, Malaysia.

Inspired, Stephanie travelled to India to become a certified sound therapist in Tibetan Singing Bowls and at the same time undertook professional training to become a certified Bach Flower Practitioner.

Armed with this knowledge and the help of her newfound flower friends, Stephanie can now provide those with emotional problems something more than a shoulder to lean on. After attending her sound bath sessions, her clients have also started to use the flower essences to maintain their spiritual serenity independently. This brings great joy to Stephanie.

Today, Stephanie is the proud owner of Malaysia’s first Bach Flowers enterprise, the Sound of Flowers.