In an ideal world, our mind, body and soul are great friends who are always accepting and encouraging towards each other. However, in reality, they are often in conflict.

Our lives are busy. We play many roles. If we were to press rewind to a hundred years ago, nobody would have thought that one day, we would be struggling to relax and wrestling with all kinds of mental disorders. But thankfully, one of many great gifts from God is our body’s capacity to heal from burn-outs, setbacks and injuries.

At Sound of Flowers, our mission is to promote natural healing by restoring the harmony in our mind, body and soul through the vibrational energy of Bach flower essences.

The flower essences found in our tinctures are homeopathy remedies that will work slowly and gently to restore positive emotions, such as peace, love, confidence, assurance and mental clarity.

We hope that the products from Sound of Flowers will be your new pocket friends that can hold your hand through the ups and downs of this exciting journey we call life.


To deal with the negative, unleash the positive in you.

That is the purest use of remedies. 

Heal yourself. It's in your hands.


With love,