The Sound of Flowers

Sleep Roll-On


To get a peaceful mind before falling asleep.


To spend a peaceful night, the Sleep roll-on will help you to relax before falling asleep.

Bach flowers that invite calm and appeasement:

Star of Bethlehem: to recover from the various shocks suffered, comfort.

White chestnut: to appease a tumultuous mind.

Red chestnut: to less worry and fear for others.

Aspen: not to be afraid of the unknown, of the future and dismiss obsessive thoughts.

Vervain: to relieve the pressure of an overworked mind. 


Warming and cosy essential oils:

80.10Lavender: restores good humor and optimism.

Cedarwood: Regulate and stimulate circulation


A roll-on with Bach flowers & essential oils to naturally relieve the daily state of mind. Practically, it slips into the pocket or the purse to carry it everywhere and never separate from it.


Indication for use:

Apply to pressure points on the body, such as the temples, behind the ears,  bottoms of the feet, insides of the wrist. Avoid contour lips and eyes contour.

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