Physical wellbeing isn’t the only thing we need to think of to live a healthy lifestyle. To reach optimum health, we need to think of our mental, spiritual and emotional health too. This is Stephanie’s health philosophy. In the past five years, Stephanie has been flourishing in the health industry as the founder of Purelyb and a practising sound therapist. Being an entrepreneur and a mother of two, Stephanie understands how emotional states can significantly affect one’s physical health and stress levels. Hence, she wants to provide a service that helps others fulfil their emotional needs.

That’s when her naturologist friend recommended Stephanie to Bach flowers. Her friend notes that Stephanie’s gentle, motherly aura and ability to understand others allows others open up about their emotional problems. These characteristics make Stephanie a good Bach Flower practitioner.
With Bach flowers, Stephanie could provide those with emotional problems something more than a shoulder to lean on. She could also give the essences to clients after her sound bath sessions as a means to continuously maintain their spiritual serenity independently.

After seeing how the essences encouraged one of her clients to seek further medical treatment, Stephanie knew that there is a need for Bach Flowers in Malaysia. Inspired, she studied Bach Flowers theory and received professional training for months her Bach Flowers certification.

Today, Stephanie is the owner of Malaysia’s first Bach Flowers enterprise: Sound of Flowers.