Can you imagine a world that is filled with joy, peace, health and an abundance of optimism? A world that has less stress, worry and fear?

At Sound of Flowers, we believe in healing our mind, body and soul with natural remedy such as flower essences.

Flower therapy was first discovered by a renowned English doctor, Dr. Edward Bach, who was also a bacteriologist, homeopath and spiritual writer, in the 1930s. Dr. Bach believed that one’s physical wellbeing is intrinsically linked to one’s state of mind. In other words, to attain physical health, one must start with a positive, healthy mind.

It is common knowledge that emotional imbalances can cause stress, pain, burn-outs and exhaustion. However, what many may not know is that the vibrational energy of flower essences can work slowly and gently to relieve our mind, body and soul from negative energy.


Sound of Flowers Vibrational Essences

What are these essences? How do they work? How can they help you?  

Bach’s flower therapy is based on the homeopathic principle of "like cures like". This means a disease is treated by minute dosages of a drug, that in a healthy person would cause the exact same symptoms (physically and emotionally) of that disease.

At Sound of Flowers, our tinctures are made from diluted extracts from flowers and an assortment of wild plants.

Each flower essence has a unique vibration or resonance characteristic that corresponds with the energy fields in our body, stimulates positive emotions, which in turn can promote the body’s ability to heal.

As you may have known, the common emotions which often contribute to severe health problems include, fear, uncertainty, demotivation, loneliness, oversensitivity, depression and insecurity.

Flower essences are excellent in pacifying these negative emotions, destructive thought patterns, blocked energy and fears from past experiences by balancing and harmonising the flow of energy in our body.

We recommend using our products daily, gently and patiently.

At Sound of Flowers, our wish is simple - we hope that our kind, vivacious flower friends would take away stress, worry, fears, and bring an abundance of joy, love and hope into your lives.