Today, we are aware that the human being must be considered in its entirety to be in balance. The Flowers of Bach are addressed to our emotional side on which rests our wellness and our health.

The 38 Bach Flowers are a complete system which can help us to rediscover the positive side of ourselves.

At the origin of the Bach Flowers

In the years 1920, in London, Doctor Edward Bach, an eminent homeopathic doctor, defends the principles of Hanneman, based on the listening of the sick person. He reproaches medicine for giving more attention to the disease than to the personality of the patient. Initially, he discovers a bond between certain chronic diseases and the personality of the person reached.

“As long as the heart, the Body and the Spirit are in harmony, nothing can affect us. ” Dr. Bach studies 8 forms of current negative state of mind at the man whom it identifies like the main causes of our discomfort. He then gives up his remunerative practice of traditional medicine and moves towards the way which aims to the re-establishment of emotional balance. He has a presentiment of that nature, in its purity and its simplicity, can bring to mankind all which it needs to take care of itself.

Guided by its intuition, he discovers and prepares 38 remedies (38 Bach Flowers) which he classifies in 7 groups of feelings (the formulations of the groups of families changed since the Thirties):

  1. Fear (Feeling of concern)
  2. Uncertainty (Feeling of uncertainty)
  3. Disinterest for the present (Feeling of lack of interest)
  4. Loneliness (Feeling of loneliness)
  5. Over-sensitiveness with the influences and the ideas (Feeling of over-sensitiveness)
  6. Abatement - Despair (Feeling of unhappiness)
  7. Excessive concern for the wellbeing of others (Feeling of excessive concern)

What is Bach Flowers?

The Bach Flowers are prepared naturally, elaborate starting from the flowered part of wild plants, bushes, trees, flowers and of spring water. This flowered part is treated either by solarization, or by boiling.

 The Bach Flowers are prepared naturally, elaborate starting from the flowered part of wild plants, bushes, trees, flowers and of spring water. This flowered part is treated either by solarization, or by boiling.

First method: Solarization

Water, due to the sun, impregnates flowers and of its properties. This technique aims at reproducing the natural phenomenon of the morning dew.

Second method: Boiling

One makes boiling the branches flowered to transfer the virtues to water.

38, the Flowers of Dr. Bach are addressed to the emotions, moods, with the feelings, even with different personalities. They act to lead to the re-establishment of a balance suitable for each one.

The Bach Flowers are presented in liquid form, to separately take pure or in dilution, or associated the ones with the others (maximum 7 per mixture). Alcohol is added to the basic preparation, it plays only the part of conservative.

The principle of the Bach Flowers

Our greater defects hide our more beautiful qualities!


When one evokes the word “defect”, it is a question of observing if we are not any more harmonious with ourselves. This character trait, this emotion or this mood upset our balance, and we take Bach Flowers then.


Our defects, our sides negative are in fact only the visible and unpleasant face of an emotion in imbalance. Edward Bach said that it is not used for nothing to fight against the shade, it is enough to bring the light there.


But this imbalance can also be related to a typical location currently lived. In this case, start by observing or thinking of the feelings and the emotions which live in you. You will be able to then identify the Flowers of Bach adapted to your situation.


The principle of the Flowers of Bach is to help the individual to find his balance. The Bach Flowers will make it possible for each one to reveal the best of itself compared to a lived emotion with difficulty.


Let us imagine a person needing the Fleur Gentiane: it is discouraged easily. A light delay, an obstacle which is presented and this person doubts and demoralizes herself. With often for consequence which it does not advance any more. Once returned balance, we will have vis-a-vis us an autonomous, courageous and persevering person, without being bold.


Each one of our defects will enable us to clarify our qualities and to develop them. Thanks to the Bach Flowers, we join again with our forces and qualities, aptitudes and gifts, receptivity and love of life, confidence and interior peace, which are in us sometimes but that we lose sight of during our existence.

Why take Bach Flowers?

Edward Bach had a habit to say: “I want to make it so that it is as simple as this: if I am hungry, I will seek a lettuce in the garden; if I am afraid and that I am sick, I take an amount of Mimulus. ”, Nora Weeks (assistant of Dr. Bach), medical Discoveries of Doctor Bach.


Each being is single and the felt emotions are multiple. The Flowers of Bach can be taken for an emotion and/or a destabilizing event. You can also decide to work in states of major discomforts, more existential.


We can only give here you some examples, which enable you to realize of the very broad possibilities of use of the Bach Flowers:

  • “Am I really afraid of water, how to learn how to swim under these conditions? ”
  • “I am always very anxious for my children, I am afraid that it will bring them misfortune. I know that I annoy them with my recommendations, but it is stronger than me…”
  • “I do not manage to make a decision…”
  • “I cannot do it anymore, I do not have any more force to fight…”
  • “My son always repeats the same errors… Comment if I could help it? ”
  • “Since the death of…, I am not any more the same one, I am not able to give me. ”
  • “I am hypersensitive with the changes of seasons… What can I make? ”
  • “Since I failed, I feel discouraged…”
  • “I have thousands of things to make, but I am not able to put them to work…”
  • “I always had many responsibilities and I like that, but for the moment, I cannot talk about it any more…”
  • “the world changes… When I was young, life was nevertheless easier. ”
  • “I do not manage to have a clear spirit. It is as if I had a small bicycle in my head and I do not manage to stop it. I ruminate the same thoughts unceasingly…”
  • “I must make a professional choice, to remain in a comfortable position which leaves me time to make what interests me, or to launch me in a new job, very stimulant, but which is likely to take time to me… Each of the two situations appear the good one in turn to me! ”
  • “My colleague irritates me… it does not advance! ”

Bach Flowers and children

The Bach Flowers are a formidable tool to help our children to grow in harmony (as from 3 years). When the newborn does not speak yet, it is the relative who will be used as intermediary. When the child has the age to express himself, it will be able to describe “what occurs in him”. In general, the children appreciate the method which enables them to get in touch with their emotions and which learns how to express them. To manage their emotions assistance to develop their potential.


Here some nonexhaustive situations. For example, child which lack of confidence in him, that which tends to redden when one speaks to him, that which must face the family changes, the child who has sorrow because it lost his security blanket, the irritations of the departure on vacation, nostalgia to leave his cousins, the re-entry of the classes, the unhappiness due to the removal of the best friend, small angers vis-a-vis a refusal of the parents… As many emotional situations to cross with balance and harmony and for which the Flowers of Bach are particularly adapted.

Bach Flowers and animals

Flowers of Bach are also very invaluable for our pets, that it is for an animal which tends to be apprehensive, that which has difficulties of adaptation during a change of residence, an animal dominating, an animal which trembles all the time, an impatient animal to leave at his place, that which has difficulty learning, that which has an excessive need for cleanliness, too long waiting in the veterinary surgeon… The list is long and you will find certainly a Fleur of Bach which will correspond to the emotions of your animal, so that it can evolve and grow in harmony with itself and the other family members.

How to use the Bach Flowers?

The pure Bach Flowers or in dilution make it possible to exceed a specific negative emotion or a situation which is present for a certain time and can also improve a character trait. Felt each one remains the best indicator to take the Flowers over one more or less short duration. All the councils of use remain proposals allowing to approach a reality which thus remains individual and single.


To help you in the choice of the Flowers, you will find in Bilan personalized the two sentences to explain you the significance of each Fleur. You will be thus able to identify more easily the Flowers which correspond to you.


Use of the Flowers into individual

  1. To directly put 2 drops in the mouth or 2 drops in water half-glass.
  2. In taking as often as necessary, but with minium four times per day, the rising and sleeping like to two others taken again in the course of the day.
  3. To keep the amount one moment in the mouth before swallowing to obtain the full effect.

Mix Flowers

  1. To put 2 drops of each selected flower (7 maximum) in a small flask tinted with account-drops (30 ml) then, to fill with mineral or filtered water, as long as it is not directly of tap water.
  2. Of this mixture, to take 4 drops which you will put in the mouth, 4 times per day or more according to the needs.


There is no rule concerning the duration of the treatment. In fact, the Flowers act in different ways according to the individuals. When the Flowers are not useful any more, they do not make any more effect, you will feel it by yourself.

One considers in general, a 3 weeks catch necessary to feel the expected effect. Then it is a question of personal. It is individual. For a child, it is necessary to be based on the observation. In general, a treatment can take a few weeks in several months. It can be necessary to modify the mixture by preserving certain flowers and by changing others according to the evolution of the person.