The Sound of Flowers

Beech- Flower of Tolerance


The flower of Bach Beech helps to manage intolerance and irritation vis-a-vis the judgments of others.


Beech is appropriate for those which tend to criticize, being intolerant with regard to the weaknesses of the others and incompetents to make allowances. Easily irritated by the manias and practices of the others, they are often inclined to judge and can be convinced to be right always and that all the others are wrong (see also Impatiens, Vervain, Fortify, etc).

The positive potential of Beech is the tolerance, positive the Beech type can distinguish the good at the others in spite of their differences, helped by the concept that each one, with its own manner, endeavors to reach perfection.

Special precautions

Have a varied and balanced diet at the same time. Keep out of reach of young children. For all the family. Keep away from fire and light.


Dilute six drops in a water glass and drink it at regular intervals. Repeat if necessary.

 For a combined use, add two drops of each selected Flower (max. seven) in a bottle to a mixture of 30ml, fill it with mineral water and take four drops of the mixture at least four times per day.

 If necessary, the Sound of Flowers tincture can be directly versed on the language or rubbed on the lips, behind the ears, or on the temples and wrists.

 You can use the Sound of Flowers tincture as often as you wish it to you. If you are disturbed, it may be that only one amount is sufficient. If your state is persistent, you can use the Flowers for a long time as you need some.

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