The Sound of Flowers

Bach Flower Tincture : Energy


The flower essences in this tincture are natural energy boosters that enhance your interest and alertness when you are feeling sluggish during the day. Wild rose makes you feel awake and is known to spark curiosity and even entrepreneurial spirit. Olive taps into your potential, hornbeam encourages your mental strength, while elm increases creativity. Together, they will cheer you up and give you the zest and vigour that you need to keep running.

Cheer you up and increase your energy level.

Use for: When feeling uninspired, tired and demotivated

Ingredients :  Wild Rose, Olive, Hornbeam, Elm

Storage: Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

How to take :  Apply 4 drops directly to your tongue or in a glass of water, every 4 hours, or as needed

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