The Sound of Flowers

Bach Flower Tincture : Exam Remedy


The flower essences in this tincture are an excellent remedy to ease stress and help you focus when preparing for mentally challenging tasks, such as exams. Clematis brings mindfulness, elm encourages accountability in what you do and gentian promotes perseverance, optimism to see setbacks as an opportunity for change and growth. Larch increases confidence, while white chestnut declutters your headspace to bring calmness. Together, they will get you through testing time and help you shine.

Ease stress, instill calmness and focus during exam period.

Use for: When taking exams or when experiencing any situations which are intellectually demanding

Ingredients: Clematis, Elm, Gentian, Larch, White Chestnut,

Storage: Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

How to take :  Apply 4 drops directly to your tongue or in a glass of water, every 4 hours, or as needed

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