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Bach Flowers Personal Consultation with Customized Remedies


Bach Flowers Personal Consultation with Customised Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies are 'medicines' for the emotions that aim to heal and balance any negative states of mind. Through this pure and simple healing modality, everyone can find their own path of peace and wholeness in their lives.

​Dr Edward Bach believed in self-help. He wanted to empower us to be in-charge of our own emotional healing, which is why he made his system of Bach Flower Remedies as simple as possible.

Sometimes, though, it isn't that easy. Maybe we have blind spots to our own emotions, or maybe we need some objective input to help us work out how we feel.

This is a good time to seek out the help of a Bach Flower Practitioner who is trained to help you select remedies, and at the same time teach you more about them. 

A good  Bach Flower Practitioner's aim is to help you use the system for yourself - so you won't be committing yourself to a long-term relationship or many hours of consultation unless that is what you want. Experienced Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners work using the simple consultation methods used by Dr Bach, based on listening and helping you work out for yourself how you feel.

The purpose of a consultation session is to provide an opportunity for you to discuss the areas that you want to address in a supportive, non-judgmental and safe environment. During the session, the  Bach Flower Practitioner will identify the emotional states which may have become out of balance. Information shared during the session will be kept confidential.

Some clients might prefer to have a face-to-face consultation in the quiet and privacy of consultation room. Some clients might prefer the convenience of doing the consultation online via email or instant messaging.

Consultation Modes:

  • Face-to-face consultation (30 mins)
  • Online Consultation via WhatsApp Call or Text (30 mins) (WhatsApp # +60123582282)
  • ​Email consultation

Consultation Charges (inclusive of a 30ml bottle of Customized Bach Flower Remedies Mixture for each session):

  • RM150 per session, OR, RM400 for a package of 3 sessions

​After the consultation, a customized Bach Flower Remedies mixture (30ml) will be prescribed for three weeks' dosages. Alternatively, clients can self-prepare if they already have the individual stock remedies. 

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