The Sound of Flowers

Energy and Healing Crystal Water Bottle Rose Quartz


A perfect combination to your bach flowers remedies tincture. Now you can have these nature’s best healing properties on the go. Energy and Healing Crystal Water Bottle helps to promote flow of good energy and help rid the body and mind of negative energy for physical and emotional.

Rose Quartz

Key word: Love 

  • Encourage love, respect, trust, and worth within one’s self
  • Strengthens empathy, sensitivity, and aids in the acceptance of necessary change
  • Help restore trust and harmony in all different kinds of relationships
  • Teaches forgiveness and tolerance
  • Emanates unconditional love
  • Attract new love, romance and intimacy, or in developing a closer bond with family or friends

Healing Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.


  • Tea Infuser – Wellness Glass and Stainless Steel Includes Protective Sleeve and Removable Amethyst/Rose Quartz Crystal
  • Made with glass, lets you drink only pure & nutrition-rich water
  • Lets you refill and carry it handily
  • Comes with an insulated sleeve

    Height : 240mm
    Diameter : 65mm
    Bottle Weight : 700-750g including stone + bottle + package
    Bottle Material : Glass

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