The Sound of Flowers

Oak-Flower of Steadfastness


When your direction of the duty pushes you to exceed your limits in spite of your exhaustion, the flower of Bach Oak helps you to become aware of the importance to take care of yourself.


The Oak type is strong, enduring, and courageous. It requires the remedy when its interior forces give up and that tiredness gets the upper hand. It is a glutton for work which is unaware of its tiredness. Pushed by the direction of the duty, it is conscientious, ready to help the others, and one can always count on him. It is patient, is baited with the task, and does not agree to any respite as long as there remains work to be made; even overworked, it continues to fight with obstinacy.

The loss of force which follows can involve the abatement, the frustration and other symptoms of stress which can go until one. When they fall sick, these people have the impression to have failed but deploy all their efforts to be restored.

The positive potential of Oak is a generally strong person, who is often the pivot of her family or her working group. She has an endurance, a perseverance and great reserves of energy which enable him to resist much pressure. Oak restores its energy and the assistance to recognize that to take the time to slacken and to deal with oneself as to make this.

Special precautions

Have a varied and balanced diet at the same time. Keep out of reach of young children. For all the family. Keep away from fire and light.


Dilute six drops in a water glass and drink it at regular intervals. Repeat if necessary.

For a combined use, add two drops of each selected Flower (max. seven) in a bottle to a mixture of 30ml, fill it with mineral water and take four drops of the mixture at least four times per day.

If necessary, the Sound of Flowers tinctiure can be directly versed on the language or rubbed on the lips, behind the ears or on the temples and wrists.

You can use the Sound of Flowers tinctiure as often as you wish it to you. If you are disturbed, it may be that only one amount is sufficient. If your state is persistent, you can use the Flowers for a long time as you need some.

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