The Sound of Flowers

PMS Relief Bundle


This Special PMS Relief Bundle comes with 


PMS Relief Crystal Roller - Amethyst 

Feel the energy when you combine the raw power of genuine mined gemstone and the healing energy of Bach flower essences. This crystal roller contains Amethyst for calming that is infused with chicory essence as well as orange, ylang ylang, patchouli  essential oil. They inspire calmness, compassion, kindness and tenderness. Did we say that’s all that you need during the time of the month? Go on, get rolling.


This mixed box of GOTS-certified organic cotton pads is a great starter kit for you to experience what an eco-organic period product feels like. Suitable for heavy, regular or light periods - just choose the pad in the box that suits your flow!

Contains a total of 15 pieces in each box:

  • x4 Night Pads (33cm)
  • x5 Day Pads (24cm)
  • x6 Pantyliners (15cm)

Each pad is made of 6 layers, including:

  • Bamboo charcoal strip
  • Certified organic cotton topsheet

Packaged in biodegradable, FSC certified paper.

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