Introduction: Bach Flowers Remedies

Today, we are aware that the human being must be considered in its entirety to be in balance. The Flowers of Bach are addressed to our emotional side on which rests our wellness and our health.

The 38 Bach Flowers are a complete system which can help us to rediscover the positive side of ourselves.


The principle of the Bach Flowers

Our greater defects hide our more beautiful qualities!

When one evokes the word “defect”, it is a question of observing if we are not any more harmonious with ourselves. This character trait, this emotion or this mood upset our balance, and we take Bach Flowers then.

Our defects, our sides negative are in fact only the visible and unpleasant face of an emotion in imbalance. Edward Bach said that it is not used for nothing to fight against the shade, it is enough to bring the light there.

But this imbalance can also be related to a typical location currently lived. In this case, start by observing or thinking of the feelings and the emotions which live in you. You will be able to then identify the Flowers of Bach adapted to your situation.

The principle of the Flowers of Bach is to help the individual to find his balance. The Bach Flowers will make it possible for each one to reveal the best of itself compared to a lived emotion with difficulty.

Let us imagine a person needing the Fleur Gentiane: it is discouraged easily. A light delay, an obstacle which is presented and this person doubts and demoralizes herself. With often for consequence which it does not advance any more. Once returned balance, we will have vis-a-vis us an autonomous, courageous and persevering person, without being bold.

Each one of our defects will enable us to clarify our qualities and to develop them. Thanks to the Bach Flowers, we join again with our forces and qualities, aptitudes and gifts, receptivity and love of life, confidence and interior peace, which are in us sometimes but that we lose sight of during our existence.